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El País. May 25th, 2017.

Roberta Bosco: "Un Loop corto, pero de nivel". Crònica del festival i fira Loop Barcelona, 2017. ADN Galeria presenta "Un pechiche para Benkos", de Marcos Ávila Forero.

Hyperallergic. April 19th, 2017.

Matt Stromberg, "Artists decolonize the history of the Americas at the Vincent Price Art Museum" [Iván Argote]  

Hyperallergic. March 28th, 2017.

Seph Rodney, "A Biennial in Sharjah offers world enough". [Abdelkader Benchamma]

Daily Mail. 5.05.2017

Chris Pleasance. That´s a good impression(ism): Hyperrealistic sculpture of Picasso complete with HUMAN HAIR goes on display in his birthplace of Malaga. [Eugenio Merino].



Daily Mail:

La Sexta Noticias (video):
El País:
El Mundo:
La Vanguardia:
Diario Sur:

La Vanguardia. 6.05.2017

Adolfo S. Ruiz. Picasso yaciente. [Eugenio Merino]

Sleek Magazine. 2.05.2017

Donna Schons. The Best of Art Brussels: these are the ten booths that caught our eyes at the 35th edition of the Belgian art fair. [Art Brussels]


El País. 19.04.2017.

Bea Espejo. Jordi Colomer: “Las utopías son el soporte perfecto para imaginar”. [Jordi Colomer].



Núvol & Jot Down by Eloy Fernández Porta. March 14th 2017.

El mundo coleccionable, an article by Eloy Fernández Porta in which Carlos Pazos´ litographs are also mentioned. Fernández Porta talks about Oriol Vilanova, the act of collecting and his solo shows, Diumenge (Domingo) and Colección XV. Published in Jot Down (Spanish version) and Núvol, digital de cultura (Catalan version). 

Link in Catalan (Núvol, digital de cultura):
Link in Spanish (Jot Down):

Le Figaro. March 15th, 2017.

Valérie Duponchelle writes "L´Afrique au cœur du printemps artistique parisien" at Le Figaro, in which she mentions Art Paris Art Fair. Africa is the invited guest at the fair. It will be celebrated at Grand Palais from March 20 until April 2nd. ADN Galeria will participate with a solo show by South-African artist Kendell Geers, whose work we also had the pleasure to host in September 2016, during the Barcelona Gallery Weekend. The exhibition was called ´ProPaganDaDa´.

You can check the exhibition porfolio here: The pictures were taken by Roberto Ruiz.

Le Figaro piece:  

Semíramis en Babilonia. March 14th, 2017

Interesting review of Núria Güell´s project "La feria de las Flores" (2015-2016) by Semíramis en Babilonia. The author saw the piece at Feria ARCO 2017. This is a great occasion to remember Núria´s project, which was exhibited for the first time in Barcelona in her solo show "Good Intentions". Food for thought for all those who question the embedded violence, patriarchy, sexualization, exploitation and body commodification in our current system.

ABC Cultura. March 13th, 2017

"Meter la herida en el dedo", by Javier Díaz Guardiola. The article reviews ´El borde de una herida´ [The Edge of a Wound] at Centro Centro de Madrid. The show, curated by Juan Guardiola, counts with the piece "Mar Negro" by Carlos Aires. [Carlos Aires] 

Press clipping ARCO 2017

News between 18th and 25th of February talk about the work of different artists exposed in ARCO, like ´Pasaporte de rescate´ created by Eugenio Merino or ´Sweet dreams´ by Carlos Aires.


Another relevant fact is the delivery of the Prize Illy 2017 to Iván Argote, for his deconstruction with humor of the political, social and historical reality across the game of languages, photographies, sculptures, magazines and state publications. In his work ´Is this tomorrow´ it dislocates seemingly stable structures as the iron with the fragility of the paper perforated of images and information of the capitalist market.

Revista Mirall entrevista a Pablo España. 09.02.17.

Regarding "ORDER. Act III. Dinner at The Dorchester".

"DEMOCRACIA està contra la Democràcia": 

The Culture Trip. 31.01.17.

Tara Jessop, "10 Gallery Exhibitions to see in Barcelona Winter". Soft Power at ADN Galeria. [31.01.17]

Què Fem? (La Vanguardia supplement). From January 20th to 27th, 2017.

Laia Antúnez, "Un recorregut per les galeries". [Eugenio Merino & Tobias Bernstrup]

TVE. La Aventura del saber. 05.10.2016

Carlos Aires in TVE. Aires took part in the TV program La Aventura del Saber with the project Truck Art Project.

bonart. February, March & April 2017.

Mercè Alsina, "Pazos en essència pura: ´Artissimo´, el guió que mai no va ser". [Carlos Pazos]

Vanity Fair. January 2017.

Ángela Molina "The big bang artist" [Núria Güell]

La Vanguardia (suplement). From January 20th to January 26th 2017.

"Un recorregut per les galeries. Recomanem deu exposicions que podeu trobar a les galeries de Barcelona durant els propers mesos". La Vanguardia (Suplement).

Next exhibtion Tobias Bernstrup and Eugenio Merino. 

Roots and routes. December 2016

"Sin miedo a participar. Seis preguntas a Núria Güell sobre la obra La Feria de las Flores" by Cecilia Guida

Cultura/s, La Vanguardia. December 31st, 2016.

Naila Vázquez, "Poder suave, poder pequeño". Cultura/s, la Vanguardia (suplement). Review of "Soft Power" at ADN Galeria [Virginie Barré / Bruno Peinado]. 

Artforum. December 2016.

Artforum´s December Issue designates "The Mapping Journey Project" by Bouchra Khalili as one of the best shows of 2016. The exhibition was on display at MoMA The Museum of Modern Art from April to October, 2016. The work is also considered among the best in 2016.

Tendencias del Mercado del Arte. December issue 2016

"Arte al límite", an article by Marga Perera that analyses how Spanish galleries are adapting to changing times in the art market. Among the interviewees and galleries featured in the article, ADN Galeria and also Sant Cugat space ADN Platform can be found. On the other hand, the new issue also features an interview to Spanish artist Jordi Colomer, whose solo show "Medina-Parkour" can be seen at ADN Platform from October 2016 until April 2017. 

Le Bastart. November 2016

"When love moves us to act" [Núria Güell]

Spektrum. September 23th 2016

"The golden era is now. Spanish contemporary art has produced a number of international stars" [Carlos Aires]

Diari ARA. November 29th 2016

Antoni Ribas Tur "L´extraradi hauria d´entrar a la ciutat" [Jordi Colomer]

La Stampa. November 4th, 2016.

Angelo Mistrangelo. "Dal 4 al lingotto Artissima: è qui la bellezza di tutto il mondo". [Carlos Pazos]

Ràdio Web MACBA. October 11th 2016.

SON[I]A at Ràdio Web MACBA (11.10.2016). Kendell Geers reveals details of his artistic and life path in the podcast. The South African artist also reflects on terrorism, linguistic violence, Africanness and socio-political tensions before and after apartheid. 

ABC El Cultural. October 10th 2016.

Anna Mª Guasch, "Las galerías de Barcelona vuelven a la carrera" [Kendell Geers. Special edition regarding Barcelona Gallery Weekend]. 

On Barcelona (El Periódico). September 30th, 2016.

Natàlia Farré: "Art a Dojo". Recommendations for the Barcelona Gallery Weekend. [Kendell Geers]

Blouin Artinfo. September 28th 2016.

Frieze. September issue, 2016.

Bouchra Khalili among the best artists in 2008. 25th anniversary issue. 

Frieze. September issue, 2016.

Bouchra Khalili. Färgfabriken, Stockholm. Review.

El Punt/Avui. August 28th 2016.

Montse Frisach, "Ciència artística o art científic?" [Pep Vidal]