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Included in the category that the artist calls “Transformation Installation”, which contains the installations in which he reproduces reality in strict spaces of non reality – or, to be more specific, expose our everydayness in spaces consecrated exclusively to art – Bijl presents ironical provocations or harsh reflections on the good thinking of our consuming society.


Consecrated to this artistic style since 1979, Guillaume Bijl is an artist that reflects his creed in the text that he published that same year, Art Liquidation Project, a kind of seminal statement through which criticizes those who consider that art is little functional, that the profile of new trends is less than degrading or that the anarchic posture held by some artists of the contemporaneity are a danger for the art orthodoxy and the creative conventionalisms.


Guillaume Bijl’s work could be interpreted as the mirror in which is revealed the dark face of our society or like an echo of what, in the future, could be interpreted as dead natures of our present’s archaeology. Because further than what we see, the world exists to question even the evident.