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/ Relationship of Command
Relationship of Command. Press release

Relationship of Command is the first Laura Llaneli´s solo show, curated by Jordi Vernis. Laura Llaneli work´s addresses to the ruled and to the cases where the artistic procedure, as well as the social one, reduce to the maximum the unforseeable thing. Investigating the link between musical pattern and gesture, the alteration of the rhythm and his consequences, Llaneli opens several questions: In what way do we canalize the aggressiveness through a protocol and its repetition? What paper does play the calculation, the cerebral thing or the devoid of expressiveness? Can we talk about "staging politics"? Relationship of command is an exhibition that collaborates with the project 2+1, from Urban Contour.


Laura Llaneli - Relationship of Command. Exhibition leaflet

Charred vehicles are a common denominator in the archive pictures the Race Riots, documented in England. They are everywhere. Maybe there is a connection between what happened during the disturbances and their visual representation: patterns. The Sus Law (Suspects Law) in the 1980s allowed the police to stop and register individuals at the slightest suspicion of misbehavior, especially in the peripheral neighborhoods of the metropolis. Its consequences were accurately reproduced: the inexplicable death of a civilian triggering the anger of a neighborhood, followed by the death of a policeman by retaliation. The result was extremely violent riots. This was the case of Brixton, Handsworth, Moss Side, Toxteth, Bristol, Bradwater Farm and so on. Their proceedings were so similar that they were also known as “Copycat riots”.

Portfolio of the show by Roberto Ruiz. Exhibition views.