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/ Untitled Shack Up With
Untitled Shack Up With. Press Release.

Bruno Peinado presents at ADN Platform Untitled Shack Up With, a prolongation of Soft Power, his show with Virginie Barré at ADN Galeria. The exhibition consists of a series of sculptures the artist has been making with Barré and his two daughters, Joséphine and Simone, as a sort of “elective affinities”. The sculptures have been made with the leftovers of materials found in his studio. The elective affinity is a process through which different forms of expression move into a relation of attraction, convergence and mutual reinforcement. It also represents the chance to choose what one wants to do, by establishing new relations and constituting perspectives that challenge the establishment. Untitled Shack Up With mixes material accumulation converted into sentimental attachment, with the recycling of a “leftover” that results in something new. To Peinado, this process gives birth to a new relation with sculpture.

Untitled Shack Up With. Exhibition leaflet.

Portfolio. Pictures by Roberto Ruiz.