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Fleeting (Fugaz)

Since his very first works, Igor Eškinja focused on the so-called “visual experiences”: the leading role of his exhibitions is not played by the object but by the audience, as the artist literally plays with our expectations and our perception of third dimension.


Eškinja tries to create situations at the same time worrying and amazing, critical and subversive, realizing little and simple interventions in the exhibiting space, stretching out to minimalism concerning the choice of materials and the expressiveness. The only truly important thing is the observer and his perceptive experience throughout the temporariness of the exhibition, instead of the real and persistent existence of the object. Eškinja’s works are declaration about the falseness of vision, relativity of reference systems, in a complete revolution of our experience. Compositions are two-dimensional, perfectly treated in the details using simplicity to create metaphors and symbologies. The fleeting of the title is the quickness of perception and its precariousness, the illusion of reality, the transitory of human reference systems in a world made of images, perceptive habits, and fossilization of the external relationships. In actuality Eškinja’s installations are also fleeting, sometimes they are even destroyed at the end of the exhibition, reinvented with different materials in another combination of elements.

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