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C. Enric Granados, 49
08008 Barcelona
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ADN Gallery presents Fermín Moreno´solo exhibition, Zeropean. It will present the most recent big sized canvas produced in 2008.

Born in 1970 in Bilbao, Fermín Moreno Martín has explored in his artistic production different means of communication, as video, painting (canvas and wall painting), graphic design and street art. But is through painting that his poetics can be optimally appreciated and where the peculiarities of the different means are harmonically related. The rare and funny geometrics of Moreno are impregnated by vibrating colors, movement and dynamism that confer to the works a general ludic tone. The big size of the canvas and the wall paintings contributes to impress the audience with its monumental dimension, transmitting an evolving sensation, of active participation in the visual party of colored nets of multitrajectories. 

In Moreno’s work there is a predilection for the inequality, the contrast, the irregularity. In a conceptual level, the same clash between chromatic heat and the mathematic coolness of the lines that tend to the infinite is a macro-reflection of a tendency to the contrast implicit in a material level of the work, that is in the dynamics of the graphic representation of geometries that cover, cross, mix, tie, suddenly changing their directions or warping above themselves. Fermín Moreno tackles all kind of superficies and textures, all kind of lines at stake of tortuousness, sinuousness and ramification. On his canvas, creates the “precision of chaos”, giving life to global works in which the abstraction and the physicality are merged without conflict. 

“As a last resort the work of this creator could be considered as a kind of a borgian aleph, where all things can be, at the same time occupying the space, but also expanding themselves over the edges. Fermín Moreno decodes the plastic strategies, takes to pieces and recreates the pictorial rhetoric, shows that on the bottom of the chaos there is a singular precision. His work brings together proportionately the warm of simple codes and surprisingly familiar and a cold cybernetic discourse.” (Fernando Castro Flórez)

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