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Red Skywalker

Red Skywalker is Ismael Iglesias´ third solo exhibition. The exhibition is made up of the latest canvas that will produce really pictorial architectures, a wall painting, one multimedia installation with the projection of the video Runaislamcorner and bright interventions. The exhibition reveals an articulated, new interpretation of the classic geometries of computer graphics and Modernist painting, through a pop code.

Born in 1974 in Durango, Isamel Iglesias is now living and working in Bilbao. Fine Arts graduate for the Basque Country University, specialized on painting and audiovisuals, Iglesias has developed throughout his artistic career an abstract style in which geometrical and organic shapes melt forming a dynamic balance of tensions, spaces and rhythms. Ismael Iglesias presents a significant inspiration by the contemporary media, television, cinema, the digital universe of Internet known as an inexhaustible source of ideas and graphic communication, to bring to life his visual puzzles, great all-over compositions of what his perception of the real and virtual space is. The dance of the shapes and lines in his paintings not only create a spatial depth, but also influences the extra contextual space of the painting, expanding and involving the outside as an exhibition prosthesis. Ismael’s paintings are like tesserae of a mosaic which can vary depending on the space where the works are, such as a gallery, a museum, a house, changing momentarily the original atmosphere of the place. The pictorial “invasion” of Iglesias can include walls, carpets, floors, ceilings, on a kind of scenographical conception of the place. The paintings can work as modular pieces that can be combined as diptychs, triptychs installed in corners, volumes. And is just in this direction that Ismael Iglesia’s work is progressing, to a three-dimensional physicality of a mean classically two-dimensional. Iglesias suggests a division of the space with his canvas, a construction of a world impregnated by color and shapes that surround and invites us to go inside without limiting us to a plane and frontal vision of the works.

An innovation in his production is that his works are completely trans-disciplinary, the use of the word as a pictorial integration and the investigation of the audiovisual mean as another way to occupy one place. These letters conquer the space in a graphic universe between digital fractals and biological shapes. Like a dj (visual and conceptual), Ismael Iglesias extracts texts from films, TV series and literary texts to recompose them on possible associations, analogies and dissonances with whom he can establish a regime of identification and some other times ambiguities.

Video and lighting play a fundamental role for the installation (because the truth installation can also talk), through the used dominant chromatics, of the spatial investigation according to shadows and contrasts and through the audiovisual main conceived as a window to the world, as it happen to the canvas and wall paintings.

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