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Virginie Barré´s work is influenced / feed by different contemporary cultural sources that she reinterprets as ready-mades, or echoing the cut and paste ethos, but in a conceptual way rather than procedural, so her executions are always meticulous, taking care both of the detail in her drawings and the detail in her sculptures and installations. Her sources are big generators of the most renowned popular symbols, being cinema and black series comic her favorites. 

Virginie works from special situations, sometimes implausible, and its “mise-en-scène”  blurs frontiers between fiction and reality, cinema and life. In this way, she creates strange situations, between the reality and imagination, wakefulness and dream, familiar and sinister. Her mannequins sleep, dream, wear carnival masks and when they are hurt, they bleed. Her works, according to the artist “do not tell stories, but contain them”. Her whole work drives us to an accessible and familiar universe, but also takes us to a trip to the unknown.


In the exhibition Pieces, her principal referent will be the graphic designer Saul Bass, especially in his work on the credits of the film “Anatomy of a Murder”. Virginie appropriates now the shapes that appear in the titles of Otto Preminger´s film, reinterpreting them, playing with them, and finally placing them on the walls painted yellow, blue and brown, spinning them on the wall so that all elements will be suspended, disarticulated.

She will also present her Homme a la womb chair, a sit mannequin on the famous uterus chair, dressed like a motorist and with a baby on his arms. In this installation some contrasts and semantic games are shown; masculinity dressed on leather with absolute feminity of the maternal sweetness, the rigidity of the dress and the safety helmet with the comfort of the womb chair. It is all about creating doubt on the extremes, a dichotomical exploration that starts on a formal level, on a strong visual presence, to generate a deeper discourse.

Pieces is the title that brings discursive homogeneity to the whole exhibition. Pieces are the different works that Virginie is presenting, pieces are her cuttings from Saul Bass’ imaginary, pieces are the parts of her installations and sculptures, all them pieces that will be offered to the visitor, who will be able to play with his imagination to reconstruct as a game, with an almost dreamy tone to script of a new story. Virginie proposes the titles, the film can be written with infinity of possibilities starting on her pieces.

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