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Se vende

Chus García-Fraile  15.09.2006 - 28.10.2006


Chus García-Fraile explores the realistic painting transcending its figuration and converting the object into an icon of shape, texture y colour.

Working in series, the artist transforms images of daily and ephemeral objects, tin cans, cover lids and shoes, into an ensemble of luxurious and refined representations that make the object disturbing, taking advantage of all its aesthetics. The artist also works with photography and video to create visual compositions with expanded scales that call out attention for their flatness and the clinical dissection of each object represented. These frontal images, which oblige us to be excluded from the representation, as if we were foreigners of the object, carry out an ironical critique of the society of consumption, comfort and wellbeing.


At ADN gallery,Chus García-Fraileexhibits her last artistic project, a series of paintings and plexiglasses titled “For Sale”. The artist shows representations of houses (residencies, buildings, urbanizations) as if there were virtual, created by computer programs. The painting turns into pixels, the colours are saturated, the representations are dissolving in order to testify how the desire of property is built and produced by advertising images and ideology. In fact, the work ofChus García-Fraileobserves and transfigures the banality, the symbols of our society of consumption, the icons of our eagerness for possession. This new series also debates the representative power of the painting at the computer and virtual age telling us about the invasion of our private environment (the house) by the mass-media pressure (the ideal house)


Chus García-Frailerecently participated in the famous art public project “Madrid Abierto” with an artistic intervention titled “Post It” and was in the group show “For all the publics” at Sala Rekalde in Bilbao (Spain). She was awarded by the AENA Foundation in 2005 and received the acquisition award by the brand Purificación García in 2003.


 “SE VENDE”, Exposición en ADN Galería


“The miracle of the society of wellbeing is also the miracle of economical triumph. The market, the real sphere of our new society of consumption, has managed to uniform the personal desires and aspirations. The search of the comfort is programmed in successive steps of consumption. One of its higher symbolic feats could be the summer house, this typical house where the leisure’s parody is the counterpart expression of the economical production.


Paradoxically, those architectures are the paradigms of a world where there is no more illusion because it has been long time since there is no proper reality in this world. These paintings start with the dissolution of digital images within the chromatically inflation of their pixels and they search to mirror the above mentioned miracle, not within the highest expression of the realism but within the weakness and the fragmentation of the reality, which corresponds to the simulation that represents those buildings.”

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