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curatorial challenge

ADN Platform launches the second edition of the Curatorial Challenge, inviting curators to submit proposals for an exhibition of contemporary art related to any artistic practice in line with the programme defended at ADN Galeria. The selected exhibition project will be held in The Pool OR in The Mezzanine and The Roost spaces at ADN Platform (see floor plans in the official web site links below).


The selected curator/s will receive a maximum of €5.000 in concept of honorarium and exhibition production budget and can submit their proposals until March 31st, 2015 at 8.00pm. Individual and collective curatorial projects are eligible for this call (in the case of a collective group a representative should be named). The successful proposal will stand out for its relevancy, viability and adequacy both to the space and to the available resources. It can also include a parallel activity or educational programme to be organised during the period of the exhibition either at Adn Platform or at Adn Gallery. The selected exhibition will take place in last trimester of 2015.

Submission guidelines:


1.     Application deadlines

Proposals will be accepted from February 1st to March 31st, 2015 at 8.00 pm, Barcelona time.  Applications received after this date will remain excluded.  Applicants selected will be contacted by ADN Galeria by the end of April 2015.


2.    Budget

The selected curator/s will receive a maximum of 5000 € gross income including:


- Curator fee;


- Artist fee;

- Exhibition production including part of the artworks and/or elements of display (eg. pedestals, tables, panels, etc); 


- Travels (curators and/or artists);


- Insurances;


- Artworks shipment (both way).


The amount will be paid in two instalments:   40 %  at the confirmation of the selected proposal and the 60 % left, at the opening of the exhibition at ADN Platform.  


Responsibilities of curator/s:

-  Establishing correspondence with artists/ representative galleries in order to prepare and present the exhibition, its contents, production as well as transport of works if needed.


- Taking care of eventual loan consignments for the selected artworks.


- Writing a curatorial text for the press release, for the information leaflet and panels (in Spanish and English). ADN Galería will revise the texts but does not offer the service of translation.


- Gathering of biographical information, material, images (free of rights), captions of the works and detailed information of the artists for the official web page of ADN Galería and its social networks.


- Providing information about the agreements and procedures with the artists, the requirements of the works and needs of the event.


- Collaborating with the local and international media, doing interviews for radios, tv or newspapers.


- Coordinating the installation process of the exhibition and de-installation together with the gallery team.



Responsibilities of Adn Galería:

- Press release, press dossier and mailing for invitations.


- Use the images giving in its integrity without cutting, deforming, modifying or altering them.


- Indicate the courtesy (when specified) of artists and collaborating galleries.


- Respect the integrity of the art works, enabling its deformation, modification or alteration.


- Respect the authorship of the work.


- Undertake the photographical documentation of the exhibition and individual works for archival and promotional purposes.


The final version of the selected project will be developed and finalized in close collaboration with the team of ADN Galería.


3.     Applications

Each curator/s of the project must submit one PDF, up to 5MB with the following documentation: 

  1. CV/ Biography of the curator/s
  2. ID number
  3. Dossier of the project outline including:


- Exhibition title.


- Exhibition/project outline explaining the purpose and concept.


- Exhibtion/project outline. Two sketches are required: one for the installation in The Pool and the other for the installation in The Mezzanine and The Roost spaces.


- Images of the works to be included with suitable captions and requirements. (Link to the available eqipment at ADN Platform: No changes of artworks will be allowed. The artworks selected for the application have to be the same presented in the exhibition.


- Eventual architectural adaptation to the spaces of ADN Platform. (Link to the maps with measurements of Mezzanine and The Roost:


- Detailed production budget including all the mentioned concepts.


-Any other relevant material for the complete understanding of the project.




ADN Platform is exempt from any responsibility of the relation between curators  and artists or third parties involved in the exhibitions.


4.    Jury

Adn Galería team


5.     Promotion and rights

ADN platform will have the right to use any image or material related with the exhibition for promotion or press means.


6.    Confidentiality

ADN platform guarantees the confidentiality of the documentation submitted  and assured the compliance of the fulfilment arranged in  LO 15/1999 protection data law.